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Joomla Video Tutorials are fast becoming the ideal way to learn Joomla and the elements to put together a website using the world’s best open source platform. Joomla training online is eminent than traditional offline Joomla courses because of its affordability, benefit and as technology continues to advance.

All of the software programming for this open source web platform is either free or more designed templates can be purchased for a small license fee, this means the bulk of your web development costs are free. This leaves the learning and training, final configuration and customization to the end user – either a web developer, your staff member or you. Joomla video tutorials bridge the one-time installation gap between paying a technical web developer and using up your time as the end user.

There are two forms of Joomla video tutorials available online for training. The free ones and the ones you pay for. The Joomla video tutorial free videos are usually brief versions of how to do a Joomla install and the various components of downloading a template and basic settings etc.

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Joomla vs WordPress Web Design

Both Joomla and WordPress are established web design applications used by millions of websites across the world. Web Design Companies and web designers have in general supported various open source software for developing websites. Joomla and WordPress are two of the most popular ones and have established communities on the internet.

There are hundreds of quality forums and blogs dedicated specifically towards the use of Joomla and WordPress for designing websites. Other web design and content management systems including Drupal and Typo3 have also proved popular and effective. However, WordPress and Joomla seem to have an edge over the others in terms of global popularity and use.

WordPress v/s Joomla


WordPress probably scores higher in terms of usability, both from an end user as well as developer’s point of view. Due to its simplicity WordPress is easy to learn and get acclimatized to. However, this is also due to the fact that Joomla offers many more features than WordPress and offers more advanced functionality. The new version of Joomla, the 1.5x version has made significant improvements in usability.

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What is a wordpress theme

Parties used to be pretty predictable things.  Some drinks, some nibbles, some music, some fancy outfits.  Perhaps a party game or two.  After a while, like anything predictable, they got boring.  So thank heavens for themed events – the modern party craze that makes today’s shindig as unique as its host’s imagination.

Themed events are to parties what Cecil B DeMille pictures were to shadow puppetry.  All-singing, all-dancing, super-lavish affairs in which attention has been paid to the tiniest detail.  Turning parties into themed events makes them an experience, rather than a simple gathering:  imagine, for example, a fully-staged Arthurian hall, complete with serving ladies, magicians, flickering torches and medieval food.

The guests are dressed in doublet and hose; real mead is being poured from metal flagons.  A band of minstrels plucks a tune in the gallery.  Themed events are like miniature plays – evening-long excursions into a fully-realized world.

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Joomla eCommerce

The popularity of Joomla development needs no introduction. Throughout the world, it is one of the most widely used content management systems. One of the reasons that make it popular is Joomla e-commerce extensions that can be easily integrated for clients.

Joomla developers can create awesome e-commerce solutions using these extensions to meet your specific needs. Most of these are easily available online and you can purchase them for small amount, which help in continuous development of these applications.

In this day and age of online commerce small and big businesses opt for custom development of their e-commerce platform. This is where Joomla e-commerce extensions come to use. From shopping websites to bidding website, Joomla has a solution for all. Developers sitting in offshore development centers around the world develop high-end e-commerce websites to meet the demands of competitive markets.

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When Cows Attack

Yesterday, I told you a little story of how I let Laura get knocked over by Norman the Calf.  And then a few minutes later, a friend forwarded me this Story: ‘Woman Dead After Cow Attack.’

And suddenly, I am looking like the worst mom on the planet for (a) placing my daughter that close to a cow’s hooves and (b) opting to snap a picture rather than scoop her up.

But just look at this face!  Look at those big, sad, brown eyes!  How could anyone suspect Norman of attempted infanticide?  He’s just looks too sweet to hurt a fly!

It’s always the quiet ones
Amazing, the timeliness of that Huffington Post article!

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Preparing To Go Back To Work

modern-apartmentThis is a big week for me. School and my new job start on Wednesday. Summer break is over and now, instead of sleeping until 10, we will all be out of bed at 5:30 and in the car by 6:30, hopefully dressed with hair combed and teeth brushed. I will work for a website that offers lessons for high school students so my target group are kids called a generation Z!

My job is to make sure all images and branding is top-notch and it’s scary in some way because I am not sure what a generation Z is all about!  who  I’ll be happy with dressed for the first couple of days. It’s going to be tough, but we’ll adjust. Eventually.

What bothers me most (aside from the ungodly hour) is taking the baby girl to daycare. None of my kids have ever been to daycare. I couldn’t bear the thought. I wanted to stay home with my kids while they still wanted me around. The baby and toddler years go by so fast and I didn’t want to miss a moment. The thought of them taking their first steps or saying their first word while at daycare was agonizing. Continue reading

Mentos and Coke Breaking World Records…

diet-coke-mentosWould you believe there is a world record for number of mentos-diet coke geysers going off simultaneously?

A mentos-diet coke geyser is what you get when you put mentos in a bottle of diet coke. The mentos cause the coke to shoot up into the air giving you a fountain/geyser effect.

Here’s a video of them breaking the record with 1360 of these little fountains recently:

Gotta love it!


I never thought that soap would make it to my site for best of stupid things…

That was of course before I saw this:

What I really admire about this is their warning label on the bottom that reads: “Caution: If the Weener Kleener ever becomes stuck, soak the area with COLD water.”

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Five Steps To Approach Design

I adore comments I get on my layouts. Unfortunately, the only graphic skills of mine that are present for my viewers to see are my layouts and I’d hope that you all would do nothing but want to see more besides my layout designs. That’s why I’m going to be opening a portfolio soon so I can showcase other things I like to make.

Truth be told, I’m not at all the best coder in the world. I love coding but I’d pick designing a graphic in a heart beat before being asked to code. The image on the left was my first attempt creating my new layout for March before I decided to go with the one I’m using now. I just wanted to inform all of you what I go through and how I achieve the designs that I do.

Obviously, my first attempt I was unhappy with, and as I discuss the steps I take creating designs, you’ll eventually see why I ended up going with this red NYC theme over that teal/green one on the top left. If you’ve ever wondered how I approach my designs then you should check out my post on web design.


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How to become a website designer

web-design-careerWe receive many emails from high school students asking about how to become a web designer. They often pick out graphic or Web design because of all the cool perks and stories they’ve heard. Perks like the lady who is having a limo drive her to her work every day, free admission to events, or the fantastic presents from clients after they designed something really cool for them. There are stories about the amount of free time, about what a lax profession it is, or that it is constantly changing.

Well, forget about these dreams, it’s really not so easy at all, for most designers at least! There are some things that you should know before deciding to pursue a career in the world of graphic or website design. First, you need to have at least a GED diploma  and you can easily prepare online with our partner-site for it, secondly you will need to find out whether this profession fits your personality. To discover if it does, check out this easy and fun career quiz. Just get started, and check if your personality meets the results. If it shows you are a creative type, well, that’s good for you, so read on.

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Thank you is a phrase that is often taken for granted

I’ve been noticing something lately and I don’t really like it. People expect you to do things for them, and then they expect that not saying thank you is okay. I don’t get it. There used to be a time, at least for me, when people didn’t expect help but they asked for it and if they got the help it was a nice surprise. It seems nowadays, when people ask you something, if you don’t help them, you are the one doing something wrong instead of them being wrong for not saying thank you.

Thank you is a phrase that is often taken for granted I guess. Someone holds the door open for you, and you just assume they know that you are thankful that they did that for you. Why is it so hard to just express your gratitude and say the words? I don’t get it. If someone holds the door open for me (unless its my husband, then its annoying ), I always say thank you. I don’t expect people to do it, but instead its a friendly gesture. Continue reading